19 days vs Tamen De Gushi

Greetings readers!

For my first post, I have decided to dedicate it to two of my current favorite manga or rather manhuas: 19 days by Old Xian and Tamen De Gushi by Tan Jiu. And if I’m not wrong, even the art work is done by them as well.

Now both of them have been tagged with similar genre(s) on MangaFox: Slice Of Life,  School Life and Comedy. The only difference is that 19 Days is tagged as Shounen Ai (meaning boy x boy) and Tamen has been tagged as Shoujo Ai ( girl x girl). But still, they both focus on homoromantic/sexual relationships.

19 Days: Follows the relationship and the lives of two best friends. Its sweet, touching and simply HILARIOUS. The art work is simple but really brings life to the manhua (Chinese manga) and it is this simplicity that really highlights all the comedic bits. It is also fully coloured (so double points for 19 days). 19 days is also a bit on the intense side with themes on bullying, friendship and coming out of the closet. I really want to discuss the last chapter (SO BE WARNED: SPOILERS AGAIN) so here it goes: the main character (Jian Yi)  kisses his best friend (Zhenxi Zhan) after an entire day of mishaps and plenty of compromising positions. He then runs away in embarrassment but is sort of followed (?) or rather chased down by Zhenxi and is asked whether he likes boys. Guys, this part really destroyed me because of the artwork and JUST OVERALL FEELINGS. I feel like if I tell you what happens next, I’ll ruin it. So I wont.


Tamen De Gushi: Another beautiful manhua that shows the readers “how two lovely ladies (Qui Tong and Sun Jing) met and  fell in love”(thank you GoodReads and MangaFox). Just like 19 days, this story is simply happy, fun, funny and overall touching. (If you aren’t happy dancing after reading this manga…then buddy, get yourself checked). Written by Tan Jiu and drawn by her, the art work is simple as well but the emphasis is laid on the world she creates. It is really appealing for the reader because Qui Tong is openly a lesbian. Her best friend (who is super good-looking, by the way) and classmates know about it and its sort of heart warming to see them being like touchy-feely and intimate on the streets. This sort of existence is put across so subtly that it just fits so perfectly into the story and with the readers. It’s nice to read something so light hearted and open especially since we all live in a world where in many places homosexuals and others are still openly discriminated against and it’s just tough to catch a break. However, I think one thing that is missing  in the story is the intensity or rather it is majorly lacking in the seriousness factor. That aside, Tamen De Gushi is not yet completed so hopefully there should be some serious advancement in plot and relationships.

So this is it! My first review. Check them both out! Both 19 Days and Tamen De Gushi are not completed. You can find them online, I think. Leave comments below if you have anything to add or you can even contact me on my twitter page: @prithisridhar

Thank you!

– Perfectly Perfunctory

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