Jisatsu Circle: How to Run a Successful Suicide Club

“Read. Read. Read. Just don’t read one type of book. Read different books by various authors so that you develop different style.” – R.L. Stine

Horror, mystery, thriller are some of the genres (other than your basic fluff) that I truly enjoy. Especially if its books or manga. I’ll read it. I’ll cherish it and then I’ll get fucking scared for the next two weeks. But to be honest, I do it for the cheap thrills. That temporary, fleeting fear that the person looking back at you in the mirror is something inhuman or that there is someone standing beside your bed while you drool in your sleep, smiling to themselves.

I know I was harping about intensity and all that in my first post, so keeping that in mind I decided to review a horror manga. I was split between Uzumaki by Junji Ito and Jisatsu Circle by Usamaru Furaya (because I’ve heard so much about it). I chose the latter because in all honesty I had no intention of re-reading Uzumaki, it completely grossed me out and freaked the crap out of me. I made the mistake of reading it during finals week and man, I just could NOT get those images out of my head. Totally grotesque and freaky. However, moving on to the review!

A quick background history of how the manga came about: there was a movie titled as Suicide Club directed by Sion Sono (sometime in 2002?) that revolved around a wave of suicides taking place in Japan. Once, the movie was released as a DVD, Furaya decided to convert the movie into a manga. But the director, Sono, requested that he write a different story with the same title and opening sequence. This opening sequence is made up of nightmares, now I haven’t watched the movie but in the manga you see a large group of girls all giggling and laughing. At first, its sort of cute but then they start counting down and then they suddenly jump onto the tracks of an incoming train with like GIANT SMILES ON THEIR FACES. There are mutilated bodies, smashed heads but there is one survivor. The story is rather simple to follow but be warned there is a lot of selective graphic pictures of blood and prostitution. In the sense, the mangaka was really descriptive in his drawing when it came to blood, cuts and death but all the images of prostitution just existed (seemed shapeless). However, I will admit that overall the art work is rather interesting as it is not too complex but really sheds light on the creepy parts of the manga. As I said before with the suicides but also in reference to character sketching. One of the teachers really looks like a pervert. Kudos, Furaya!

tumblr_lt6w5r0tFh1r4xqamo1_500 (courtesy of google images)

The manga concerns itself with themes of self-harm/mutilation, prostitution, bullying, suicide (duh!) and may present as a trigger for those who have gone through difficult times before. But I’ve gotta say, I was not impressed by the story nor the ending. Or anything in the story other than the art work maybe. It is unsettling, I’ll admit. Nevertheless I did notice that there was no nice fear inducing after effect (which is at least what I look for after I finish reading/watching anything scary).

THIS IS THE END, MY FRIENDS 😀 Hope you guys liked it! Leave your comments below or contact me on twitter if you have any suggestions or anything! Do not be too harsh, it is just my second post 😦

– Perfectly Perfunctory

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